Re-entry Mediation Training

Community Mediation Maryland offers re-entry mediation training for groups of mediators interested in developing advanced skills necessary to effectively provide prisoner re-entry mediation. This training is generally provided to mediators who have completed at least 40 hours of basic mediation training and have some experience mediating family and other inter-personal mediation cases.

This training is designed for experienced mediators seeking to offer mediation to inmates preparing for release and their support people on the outside. Prisoner re-entry mediation gives inmates and family or others a chance to work through old conflicts, mend broken bridges, and develop specific plans for re-entry into the community. The mediation is done pre-release in the correctional facility, with opportunities for additional sessions post-release in the community. This experiential training prepares mediators to offer this type of mediation.

This training offers mediators a chance to explore their own experiences and potential biases around issues of corrections and prisoner re-entry so that they can offer a non-judgmental process. The training focuses on skills which will be particularly helpful to listen to complicated and sometimes painful conversations and work on understanding them in order to build understanding and trust amongst participants. The training also prepares mediators to respond to intense conflict and language in a way which builds understanding rather than judging participants. The training also prepares mediators with skills to support participants to develop their own creative solutions, which are also detailed enough to ensure follow-through. Finally, the training involves intense role-plays through which all trainees will have a chance to practice these skills and receive direct feedback from the trainer and their peers.

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